More money
in your pockets.

Hello freelancers, independents, individuals.
Treat yourself to better health savings.

It’s all in the app.

Simple. Smart. Snazzy. It’s a health savings app that doesn’t look or act like one. The Starship app makes it easy to track your health savings, spending and investing. All in one place.


Overflow Investing

Set a threshold and automatically invest into smart portfolios built with low-fee index funds.

Auto Contributions

Set up a recurring daily, weekly or monthly contribution.

Freeze Card

Lost or stolen card? Freeze and reorder replacement cards in the app.

Serious Security

Your data is protected with a passcode, TouchID (iOS) and 256-bit bank-level encryption.

Instant Reimbursements

Link a funding account for one-click deposits and reimbursements.

Expert Advice

HSAs can be confusing, we’re here to help make them easy to understand.

Family Management

Share an HSA with your family? Easily keep track of who’s spending what with family tags.

Receipt Capture

Attach receipts to any payment using the camera on your phone or by responding with a photo to a text alert.

Simple pricing.

Save for free.
Invest for $1.

You shouldn’t pay to use your own money.  We don’t have any of those
annoying fees like other HSAs. We only charge $1 / month for investing.
Honestly, that’s it.

Take the first step
in taking care of you.