Introducing the New Starship

Why is the new version of our app such a big deal? Because we’re redefining the health savings industry, and we live for this stuff.
by sean engelking November 13, 2018

We’re excited to announce that Starship released a massive update today. We’ve been hard at work redesigning our product from the ground-up to make it easier than ever before to manage your health spend.

The new Starship is based on hundreds of hours of research and interviews with individuals, employers and their families and dependents. It’s cleaner, simpler, more automated, and a whole lot more fun.

We’ve applied more than a fresh coat of paint to all of the things you love about Starship including:

  • A slick Starship debit card for eligible health payments
  • An app to track health savings, spending, and investing
  • Savings threshold for automatic investments in low-fee funds
  • Digital receipt storage for recordkeeping
  • Easily reimburse yourself back for out-of-pocket expenses
  • Live chat and email support for all things health savings

Just in time for open enrollment season, you can sign up for your very own Starship account by downloading our iOS or Android apps.

How are we better?

HSAs are growing fast and today tens of millions of folks find themselves with accounts that are often designed to confuse and obfuscate fees and features such as tax-free growth into an investing account.

You see, this industry operates like big old banks, because it’s run by big old banks. And since banks make money on deposits, they find every way possible to prevent you from sending “their” assets anywhere else. They hide the best part of HSAs (can you say tax-free investing?) so they can keep you there and continue fleecing you with hidden fees and a stupid experience.

We don’t charge you a single dime to keep money in your HSA and instead charge $1 per month when you let us automatically invest the funds into low-fee index funds. Seriously, that’s it. No confusing fees and no confusing investing strategy or knowledge required.

Who is this for?

In short, anyone! While we love employers, it’s important to recognize that the world has changed, and almost half of the country either works more than one job, is self-employed or is an on-demand “gig” worker. We think a lot about how to improve the lives and experience of these folks in particular and have a ton of amazing tools and features coming out early next year that we think you are going to love.

At Starship, we’re completely obsessed with making HSAs easy and accessible to everyone. Call us crazy (disclaimer: we are) but we think they can even be fun.

We’d love for you to give us a try. By the way, we’re hiring. Check our our jobs listings for more info. 😉

Happy saving,

Sean Engelking CEO of Starship


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