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An app to save, spend and invest.
For your healthcare.


This is Starship.
The best HSA. Ever.

Set aside funds, tax-free for healthcare expenses
and watch it grow. Smile. This means more money
in your wallet, purse, or piggy bank.

There when you
need us most.

Swipe your Starship card when paying for eligible
medical expenses, and enjoy the tax savings.

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Coverage for anything, from routine dental work to the gnarly stuff, like crowns or root canals.


Hey good lookin', keep those eyes healthy. Glasses, contacts, and eye exams are all eligible with your Starship card.

Family Care

Use your Starship card for birth control, pregnancy, and other family planning expenses.


Like going to the gym, but for your mind. Use Starship to pay for mental health services.


Starship works at the pharmacy on all prescriptions, and a lot of over-the-counter drugs, too.
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Unlock the power
of investing.

Discover how much you could potentially accumulate over the
long term with a Starship Investing account.

Starship Investing
Starship Savings
Average HSA
Monthly Deposit
€ 200

The calculator is for illustrative purposes only and may not apply to your individual circumstances.
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Simple pricing.

Save for free.
Invest for $1.

You shouldn’t pay to use your own money.  We don’t have any of those annoying fees
like other HSAs. We only charge $1 / month for investing. Honestly, that’s it.

For You.

Maximize your savings on healthcare, and put more money in
your pockets.

For Your Business.

Minimize your admin time, and make your employees happy.

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in taking care of you.